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Customised Lenses

DNEye ScannerWe offer individualised lenses with the revolutionary DNEye eye measurement.

What is the DNEye?

This revolutionary eyesight test measures the anatomy of your eye and transfers more than 7,000
measurement points to create a lens customised entirely to you. The result is a unique lens that
allows you to see better than ever before.

The problem with conventional lenses

Every eye is different! Eye length and shape are as individual as people and the location of the sharp vision centre varies. This means that to ensure sharp vision, you need to be able to calculate lenses based on precise measurements and data on each eye. Today’s progressive lenses are made using a static reduced eye model which dates back more than a hundred years. This model assumes all eyes are alike, and means that the vast majority of people don’t have lenses properly suited to the individual characteristics of their eyes. This onesize-fits-all approach neglects the differences that make your eyes unique and results in less-than optimal vision.

What does the DNEye do?

The DNEye Scanner measures over 7000 data points of your eyes to create a unique biometric eye model, which is then integrated directly into each of your new lenses.
This biometric model includes eye length, corneal power and thickness, anterior chamber depth, pupil size in photopic and mesopic light conditions, crystalline lens power and vitreous chamber depth. These detailed measurements give us the ability to create lenses with an unprecedented level of customisation.

The result

  • Sharper than ever distance vision
  • Widest field of view for intermediate and close vision
  • Improved night vision
  • Improved visual comfort
  • At close range – fine detail has never been clearer

We are proud to be the only practice on the Gold Coast to offer customised lenses with the revolutionary DNEye eye measurement. Call 5578 4611 or book online to make an appointment.